Observation On Mauthe Mantle Clocks

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Observation On Mauthe Mantle Clocks

The following is just my take on Mauthe mantle clocks, if you feel differently share it with the rest of us.

I own a nice Mauthe clock with a three rod chime bar. The movement does appear to be well made however the chimes/chime block sounds very "tinny" to me. I ave adjusted the hammers and the block is mounted well to the case and yet it still has that "tinny" sound? has anyone else experienced this?

I recently purchased another Mauthe mantle clock and this one has a single coil gong. I am anxious to hear this one!

Update: It still has the same tinny sound? On closer observation these movements simply allow the hammers to free fall onto the gong/chimes. Were most other movements the hammers are actually driven by the spring.
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