Antique clock repair workshop located in Orange County that specializes in repairing and selling antique grandfather clocks.
Antique Dutch clock parts is specialised in the repair and sale of parts for Dutch clocks, vintage and antique.
1,001 color photos of Antique Ansonia Clocks, plus Clock Model Names, Trademarks and Labels and the history of the Ansonia Clock Company.
Clock care and repair near Fresno CA and Madera CA. One of the few people I know that repairs Rhythm clocks, very nice!
I have seen some unbiased reviews on some of the work these guys have done and If I had to send a clock out for repair I would send it to these guys! The Clock Doc has been a family owned and run business for many years. Our main interest is clock...
This article will help if you have a Cuckoo clock and the pendulum does not swing.
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