Jauch Clocks

There is some confusion concerning Jauch clocks. There is two different names associated with the company and/or companies and both went out of business in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The first name associated is a Erhard Jauch and started the company in 1930 and went out of business in 1983. The other name is Gebruder Jauch who started a Jauch clock company in 1912 and went out of business in 1978. I have done some research online and have ordered a book on Jauch clocks and when I get it sorted out I will post more information. 

 Jauch clocks are well known for thier deep resonant chimes and they did offer more musical selections than the standard Westminister, St. Michael, and Whittington. They also offered 2 different versions of Ava Maria and the national anthem of Columbia. During its heyday the company provided clock movements for a number of clock manufacturers (Emperor, Gazo, Linden, etc...), much as Hermle does now.  It has been noted that the downside of Jauch movements were there springs, they had a tendency to break. I do love the sound of thier chimes, now I have to find one that plays Ava Maria by Bach.



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