How to Adjust the Speed on Sessions Mantel Clock


OK, I just got my new Sessions clock set up and it's running a little bit fast.  I don't know about you but as I get older I am having a harder time remembering things. Remembering which way to turn the regulating square is one of the things I can never remember, and trying to get information on it can be a POA.  With this Session's clock, the rule is to turn a counterclockwise to slow it down in clockwise to speed it up.  A lot of web sites out there tell you turn towards the F  to speed it up and turn towards the S to slow it down, this just gets confusing to me me. So the rule is to turn it counterclockwise to slow it down and clockwise to speed it up. On the face of the dial just small hole we make this adjustment (this one is in the 12 o'clock position) that's called the regulating square. The general rule is for ¼ turn it will increase and decrease a speed of the clock 5 minutes.  It is normal for these old American made clocks to lose or gain 3 to 4 minutes in one week.

Adjusting the Speed of a Clock by the Pendulum Length


Not all clocks have the regulating square, in that case you can adjust the speed of your clock by adjusting the length of the pendulum. To speed a clock up you want a shorter pendulum and to slow it down you want a longer pendulum. Always start with a pendulum that is a little long and slowly shorten it until the time is correct. The easiest way to adjust it is to do it slowly i.e. if your clock is running fast turn a half turn counter clockwise and watch it for a couple of days. After a couple of days make another adjustment until you get it dialed in. The key here is patience, as it will take some time. If you make the adjustments to soon (not waiting the 3-4 days) you will be going back and forth between speeding it up and slowing it down. 

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